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Wow...where to begin.

In the Big Ten (my jurisdiction)

1. All games must start at 12:00 or 3:30 local time. NO games before noon or after 3:30. It's outrageous for the western teams in the Big Ten to begin games at 11:00.

2. Ban on all neutral site games.

3. Bring membership back down to 10 teams (Penn State) and go to a 9-game conference plate (as was done in 1982-1984).

4. Disband from the BCS. Ask the Pac Ten and Rose Bowl to do likewise.

5. Natural grass only fields.

6. No players available to the media...only coaches.

7. PR campaign with a deep emphasis on the tradition and history of the league.

8. Get the Big Ten Network on cable...somehow.

9. Refuse to run with the national theme of crowning a national champion.

10. Petition the NCAA to elminate the 12th game.

There's 10 for now.
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