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10 more if I were in charge of the NCAA and not just the Big Ten. Most of these (like my first ten) are simply going back to old ways of doing things.

1. Eliminate OT and go back to ties.
2. CAP the # of bowl games sanctioned (remember, not run by the NCAA).
3. Ban all post-regular season games after Jan 1st.
4. CAP the # of teams per conference at 10.
5. Encourage conference individuality and regionalization in whatever way possible. Shun national homogenization (esp. in the media) at all cost.
6. Disband the BCS.
7. Ban post-season alliances that involve more than 2 conferences. Essentially ban any conference from forming a future BCS (meaning the SEC). If they try to do so...ban them from the NCAA.
8. Ban coaches/any NCAA member institution official from voting in polls. This nonsense went from a fun sideshow to a freakshow with the almighty $ being sought at all cost.
9. Ban games from being played on Friday nights...PERIOD. Strongly discourage games from being played on any other day aside from Saturday.
10. Push the kickoff forward to the 40 yard line.
11. Require all players to learn alma maters and traditions of their respective schools.

Ok...there's 11 more for now. I'm sure more will come up later.

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