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Default I'm getting worried about Tampa...

The Fox guys called Tampa the third best team in the NFC.
I'm looking at the remainder of their schedule, and they look
like they could make a run...

at New Orleans
at Houston
at San Francisco

Who, besides me, sees them running the table ?

Dallas will be the # 1 team, Green Bay (barring a collape) # 2.
Tampa will come in at # 3 (at a possible 12-4...and they could
even overcome the Packers, if the Pack drops to 12-4 or worse).

I don't want this charmed season my Packers are having to
come to a crashing end due to Tampa in the playoffs.

I guess I'm p'd that that loser Jason Campbell just had to
go and throw that FREAKIN' interception, and blow that
FREAKIN' game!!

No dispersions to Tampa fans themselves (I have a brother-in-law
who is from Tampa originally), but their win WAS bad for the Packers,
in terms of them locking up the first round bye.
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