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The start of the Thursday night game can really sneak up on a person’s scheduling habits. With the kickoff less than two hours off, I really think that I need to get my spread pick on the board. So here it goes. The rest of the week will follow later.

Green Bay Packers +7
Dallas Cowboys

All the angles have been discussed. How will the Packers fair if Charles Woodson isn’t ready to play? Brett Favre is winless in Dallas. Can the Packers continue to improve their run game? Can their defense hold the Marion Barber? Contain Tony Romo? Cover Terrell Owens? Do the Cowboys have an answer for Favre? Can they keep him below 300+ passing yards? Questions, Questions, Questions. The answers will be given tonight during the game, but until then, I’m predicting a close game, one that comes within 7 points. For that, I’ll take the Packers and the points, but I’m also predicting a straight out Green Bay win. It’s gonna be cold in Lambeau Field during the playoffs!!
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