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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
The ACC is also the only conference that has 10 bowl eligible teams this year. The SEC is next with 8 followed by the Big 12 and Big 10 with 7. The major difference between the ACC and conferences like The SEC and Big 12 is they currently do not have that marquee program that you look at and say they are a definitive top 10 caliber program. Next year could be an interesting one for the ACC considering only BC and Clemson look to be breaking in new QBs next season.

Considering the SEC had five teams with 9 or more wins last year and only 4 with 8 or this season I'd say the conference is down a tick this year in comparison with the past couple of years.
If we were to rank all 24 teams from the two conferences I think UF and Bama clearly have no equal in the ACC. I'd put them 1-2 depending on who wins Saturday. And that bears out in the SEC wins as they account for 3 of them...even though they are over much lesser teams in the ACC.

But after 1-2 I think someone can make the legit argument that the next 5 to maybe even 7 best teams in the 24-team ranking system are ACC clubs.

People may want to discount how badly Vandy did this year but SEC homers have to realize they technically finished 5th in the conference. That's the same position the mighty Tebows had last year before getting spanked by Michigan.
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