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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
I don't think MSU is any better than anyone the ACC has to offer. Teams like BC and Ga Tech have better wins than anything MSU did this year.

PSU and OSU would probably be the two best teams in the ACC this year. But it is kind of hard to say since PSU played nobody of not out of conference and OSU was embarrased by the only team of note it played out of conference.
Well, MSU is better than Duke, Virginia and NC State...I would think. BC has more mediocre wins than far but MSU has better quality losses and vs a common opponent...ND...both equally dominated ND. MSU won by 16 at home while the Eagles won by 17 at their crib.

PSU did beat Oregon State (8-4 and still in the hunt for a Rose Bowl). Ohio State does have quality wins at MSU and at NW. Both finished 9-3, #3 and #4 and both wins were complete beatdowns. Plus a win at Wisconsin (7-5), home vs. Minny (7-5) and another home win vs. Troy (7-4).

I think similar logic applies in comparing the SEC to the ACC as comparing the Big Ten to the ACC:

The SEC's #1 and #2 are better than any other school in the ACC. Same thing for the Big Ten though PSU and OSU are clearly a notch below UF and Bama.

After that, the ACC probably has the best teams going from #3 to at least #7.

Overall, the depth of the ACC is very impressive but they don't have a great 1-2 punch.

If I had to rank the conferences right now...

1. Big 12
2. ACC
3. SEC
4. Big 10
5. MWC
6. Big East
7. Pac Ten
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