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Default Did Political Correctness "Color" The Outcome Of Sunday's Dallas Game?

With four and a half minutes remaining in Sunday's Titans-Cowboys game, Tony Romo hit tight end Jason Witten with an 18-yard touchdown pass - whereupon Witten flipped the ball to offensive tackle Marc Columbo, who emphatically spiked it - drawing a 15-yard unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty, which in turn led to a long kickoff return that set the Titans up with first and goal from the Dallas 5-yard line, and three plays later, the game-winning touchdown.

Many commentators have, for a long time, criticized the celebration penalties as inherently "racist." Since both Witten and Colombo are white, might the officials have eagerly seized upon the opportunity to debunk this widely-held belief?

And yes, I'll trot out my oft-stated view on this subject once again: Any such penalty should be enforced on the conversion attempt and not the ensuing kickoff - the obvious effect of the latter in this isolated instance notwithstanding: Imagine if that was done in this case, and the extra point was missed; in that case, the Titans would not have even needed the kickoff return as they would have led 27-26 at that point, and could have merely sought to run out the clock.
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