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Don't blame me - this "debate" has been going on ever since the days of Butch Johnson and his "California Quake;" it was covered, for example, in Michael Oriard's book Brand NFL: Making And Selling America's Favorite Sport.

And a definite case can be made for the officials being intimidated by allegations of racism, so when they saw an opportunity to a flag a white player for "taunting," they got overzealous and jumped at the chance to do it, just to make it seem "fair."

Have you ever seen that commercial whose theme is that fantasy football is no longer about "dots"? (And the dots shown bear team colors, not racial ones). Well the No Fun League wants to turn the players themselves into dots. Don't get me wrong: If a receiver turns around and waves the ball in a cornerback's face after scoring a TD, I'm all for penalizing it - but to assess what turned out to be a game-changing penalty for what Witten and Colombo did? (And the game was on in my market, so I saw it first-hand, as it happened). That was utter nonsense - no matter what race the "taunters" were.

Hey, if you don't want the other team to celebrate, play better! And not at all irrelevant to this particular topic, give me "taunting" over the kind of intent-to-injure head-hunting that the Titans are fast becoming notorious for, any day of the week - especially Sunday and Monday night.

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