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Marquis will end up a stud, the Bravos just need him healthy... The bigger question is what to do with Maddux and Glavine next year. Atlanta probably can't afford to sign them both (and probably should avoid having two 35+ starters in their rotation anyway...

Don't you think J. Hart in Texas would have rather traded Carlos Pena to someone outside his division? How good would the Braves be if they had a power-hitting lefty to compliment Chipper, Sheff, and Andruw instead of auto-outs like Surhoff and Franco. Of course if Sheff were healthy, we might not have this thread, but luck is what luck is...

Franco, by the way, is playing about like you'd expect a 43 year old to play. Julio, please retire.

And what about Castilla and Lopez. At least Castilla was a one-year deal. I know, Lopez was a one-year deal w/ a player option. Do you think he believes he can get more from anyone else? He'll exercise his option and the Braves will be stuck w/ another non-hitting position player... And to think, Houston got Greg Zaun for $600,000 - a switch-hitting catcher w/ a career .850ish OPS.

If the Braves win the NL East this year (they still should) John S. will think he made all the right moves instead of getting lucky (which is more true).

The Braves have Betemitt in AAA and some other nice hitters in A ball, they can't get here quick enough...

Cox? He's fine; one of the best managers in the game. It's Schurholtz that needs to go.
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