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To win a major, it is so grueling, like you mentioned in another post. I'm not sure Pete has it in him any longer to win 7 matches in a row, in such a short span. That on top of his least favorite surface. I don't think Kuerten is in shape enough at this time to make a run either. I always liked Marcelo Rios too, but his conditioning is not there either, he just hasn't played enough matches due to injuries the past year. Safin, I'm not sure he's ready mentally.......he loses it to easy and as you know, you need more patience and stamina on clay. Hewitt, I'm not sure his style will hold up over the long haul on clay. Agassi conditioning also questionable. Haas, I like him, wouldn't surprise me if he made the final.

I don't know if anybody but Capriati, the Williams sisters, Henin and Clijsters has a shot. I think its a field of 5 for the women.
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