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I agree with you in saying that everyone will breathe much easier now that Spurrier is gone, and the SEC should be a more even playing field now. But I think Tennessee will be dominate this season.

Speaking of how Spurrier lived and died by the pass... he did but look at how many productive running backs he had who went on to play pro football.....Eric Rhett, Fred Taylor, Terry Jackson, and soon to be Ernest Graham...and I may be leaving out a few there.

And getting John Thompson was a great pick up for the Florida D. Thompson has succeeded at every University he has went to, he even had Memphis ranked in the top 5 in defense one season. Gus Scott is a great safety and hopefully Thompson will upgrade the intensity of the Gators D who have been lack luster for the last few seasons to say the least....Especially against the Run!!!!

Carlos Perez is going to suprise tons of people this season. He will break out with Reche Caldwell type numbers this upcoming year. Jacobs is the man though!

Graham also has some depth behind him at the tailback spot with Willie Green, and 2 freshmen come in that were top 15 running backs out of high school.

So you ask if not Florida then who....I say Tennessee even with the the loss of both of their interior Defensive linemen. Tennessee has so many talented players to fill all the spots necessary to win a Title every season in my opinion. Coach Fulmer just needs to stay away from his Coordinators and let them do their job and they will be just fine this upcoming season.

Ok, Toefield needs to stay healthy all season for LSU to contend for the SEC crown again, and he hasn't played a full season yet! Davis will be needed this year more than likely. Mauck is a one demensional QB that is not going to work week in and week out in the SEC. Don't forget Micheal Clayton.... in his 2nd year with this team he will be the best wide receiver they have if not best offensive scoring threat. Brady James is very good, but they did lose faulk at linebacker and last season the LSU secondary was terrible....that needs to improve. So, no I dont think LSU wins the SEC this season.

Georgia needs a productive running game to execute that passing game they have, and in doing this Musa Smith needs to stay healthy all season for them to contend for an SEC Title.
Georgia is solid all the way around, but they will not go for a 3 peat and beat the Tennesse Vols 3 years straight this season, plus Georgia has tons of problems with Florida every year in Jacksonville.....So i say no to Georgia winning the SEC this season too.

Don't forget that Tennessee is also implementing the Tight end for the first time in ages with Whitten catching a good amount of balls last season. Whitten will play a major role into what Tennessee does on offense.

This conference is very good....but still in my estimation Tennessee and Florida's to lose this season. I have no idea how the West will be won because their is not much difference between the 1st place West team and the 6th place West team. If you ever watch SEC West football then you know what I am talking about. But for right now I am picking Tennesse to win the East and my upset special pick is Arkansas to win the West.

Me being a Gator Fan, I can't believe how good I have talked of the Vols. I sure hope the Gators take their game up to Knoxville and take the heart out of those Vols....but that will be a tougher task this season!

Go Gators!!!

Tennesse Titans Superbowl Champs 2003...Steve Mcnair for NFL MVP...Hopefully the Gators can compete in the SEC
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