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Thanks for the info about the "Link Message Policy"

Rocball, a best practice lesson plan from a high school in Saipan, USA invented rally point scoring and the first to kick volleyballs in 1981.

International Olympic Committee: Doc. 4155 1981 / Monique Berloux....Director

FIVB: Letter 1999 Alain Coupat

Copyrighted Registration: Library of Congress, Washington D.C. : Documents, VAU 305-973 (1981), TXU 99-133 (1982), TXU 216-141 (1985), TXU 352-150 (1988), VAU 142-858 (1988), VA 501-753 (1992)
TXU 3-306-946 (1992) VA 501-753 (1992) & PA 570-085 (1992)

Rocball on CNN World Report 1993 and 1994 by Ralph Wenke and Octavia Nasr................In 1995, the FIVB changed from side-out volleyball to included Rocball rules of play rally point scoring and kicking volleyballs.

FIVB couldn't think their the way through a competitive thought if you gave them one. And, I've always enjoyed educating ignorant volleyball players whenever I get the chance. FIVB's next spontaneous move will be to include a 2 point scoring system. Because, they know how to play Rocball !!!!!!!!!

And, if there is a policy against the proof and the truth....well......Goodbye!

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