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Everything here seems pretty sensible. Good job. I hope your wrong about the Bucks though. Fifth place in the conference? Ouch.

Anyway, I'm actually not that worried about the offense. I think a return to the ground game should help soften the losses of Ginn and Gonzalez. OSU has a lot of talented WRs, and I think they should reload okay there. Troy Smith was obviously a great player, and the key to unit last year, so that will hurt. I like Boeckman though, I think he will be a good Big Ten quarterback. He's big and has a good arm. A new QB is never an easy transition, but he's been around a while so I don't think he will be in over his head, especially with the easy OCC. Still though, replacing a Heisman winner is not going to be easy. I just hope he Boeckman can make the loss as unpainful as possible. If Chris Wells can hold onto the football, he will be a scary runningback. He can be an offensive force that can take a ton of pressure off of the passing game if he lives up to his potential. Here's hoping. Maurice Wells is not a favorite of mine, and I don't think he offers much except some breathing time for Chris, who appeared to get winded pretty easily last year I couldn't help noticing.

The thing that scares me the most is our offensive line. Our tackles in particular were atrocious in the third quarter of the Michigan game (which proved to be a preview to the NC game against Florida), and again 50 days later in that collapse in the desert. There's no possible way they have a prayer of keeping the game close in Ann Arbor unless the line shows drastic...drastic improvement. I think a focus on the running game will slow down D ends and help that a lot, which is why some OSU fans wanted to see it more last season...and that's not second guessing. Tressel is smart and a talented coach, and I think he probably learned from his mistakes. I hope. :bash:

The defense, which played way above expectations for most of the year, looked pretty bad in the last two games. They gave up a lot of yards all season, though. A better run D is essential for the Bucks to successfully defend their Big Ten Title. Laurinaitis will be back, and hopefully we see more improvement from the linebackers and line. I think our secondary will be solid.

Going into the year I think it's highly unlikely the Buckeyes can beat Michigan in Ann Arbor. I thought last year was going to be the year Michigan got us back, but if they have any life left in that program, they should be poised to knock us off this year, especially with all their key returns. That is a definitly good sign for the team. Carr's job will be on the line in that game. I don't see any way he looses to Ohio State this year and retains his job. Michigan is really going to be ready to play this year. So, I see a loss there. Happy Valley is always tough, but I'm not ready to admit defeat. Same goes with Wisconsin...we get them at home so I think it will be a great game...very close. So I see one likely loss, two games up in the air, Washington is a possible loss...and the rest of the schedule is likely wins. If they drop a game outside of those games, it will probably be an ugly year for the Buckeyes. Hopefully they don't have a hangover from last year. With all the new players, that seems less unlikely to occur.
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