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Red face Cuban: This offseason could be nuclear winter

Mark Cuban is anticipating this summer's free agency period as much as is the 2010 class.

"In 09, it could be a nuclear winter," said Cuban. "I think well see a lot of guys, anticipating 2010 and also with an eye to a new collective-bargaining agreement, sign one-year deals. While everybody is clearing room for 2010, Im looking for bargains for 09. As people wait to make their move in 2010, there could be a lot of one-year deals."

Cuban was also asked if he would make the Jason Kidd trade again.

"Id do it again, 100 times out of 100. J-Kidd has been incredible for us."
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That's a good game plan, everyone's going to be banking on 2010, but will the Mavericks even have any money to offer the 2009 free agent class?
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