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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Yeah, but you read and think certain things due to SOME factor...don't you? People read and think the same things as you and don't come to the same conclusions, right?

I do consider the stuff I read and listen to as "life experience". It mostly reflects values/morals I already have based on actual events that happened in my life though. I like to compare and contrast the views of things I'm familiar with others who are different than me. Anyone not me is different than me but you get the point...I hope.

To some extent. Sure, different cultures are into different things-- so, yeah, your "experience" has an effect on your values and what you read... plus other stuff.

But think here's where I think we always come to a fundamental difference:
You seem to admire the person who's lived a hard life and experienced a lot first-hand. I'm kind of the polar opposite: I admire the person who completely devotes himself to one specific intellectual field and cuts himself off from the real world.

We got off track somewhere, but I think that's our big difference.

Again, I just don't see the real world as having that much value. I'd much rather live in my own world and try to master something or see the world differently.
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