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Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
Again, you seem to like worldly, experienced, disciplined people. We're just different on this-- and I think that's our difference... not necessarily definitions. Your view of valuable "life experience" seems to be focused on the outside. I value someone like Beethoven more: he created masterpieces not by going in the world and experiencing it, but instead by immersing himself internally.

Idk... I think we're just very different

But I don't know how to explain it. I don't think you see where I'm coming from.
Well, I asked you a few questions to try and learn but you didn't answer 'em. If you feel more comfortable asking me questions and trying to see my POV then we could do that. Or if the questions were "wrong" cuz they couldn't produce the insight...what are the "right" ones?

BTW...I still couldn't disagree more with your
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