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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Well, I asked you a few questions to try and learn but you didn't answer 'em. If you feel more comfortable asking me questions and trying to see my POV then we could do that. Or if the questions were "wrong" cuz they couldn't produce the insight...what are the "right" ones?

BTW...I still couldn't disagree more with your
Again, you value external things. You are big on other people-- you sympathize with Marx because his goal is to help the large working and middle classes.

I, on the other hand, sympathize with anarchism because it gives everyone intellectual freedom and is the most logical.

I think it's just a large fundamental difference and that's it. I see where you are coming from... I really don't need to ask you any questions about where you are coming from. The problem is on my end... I'm not sure how to help you see where I am coming from.

Didn't mean to overlook your questions. What can I tell you to help you see where I'm coming from?

To answer Billy Preston, I think that this will keep going 'round in circles
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