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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
I'm not really interested in those points you made right now...regardless if I agree with them or not. I'm just interesting in getting to know why you feel this way...that's all. I understand this is frustrating but it is for me too so I think we have that in common. So I'll just ask ya again...

And if you accomplished this, would you tell anyone else? What drives you to want to do this...if you even know?
No. It seems really odd asking that. Would I ask: If you became really concerned with becoming worldly (or if you became worldly,) would you you tell other people? Of course you wouldn't ask this... it's not like it's something from point a to point b.

As to the second question... I don't know-- I just respect people that dedicate themselves to one area and that is their life. I just don't see a point in becoming some "worldly," "experienced" guy... just seems meaningless. Again, this is where we differ.
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