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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Ok, where is the meaning in dedicating oneself to an area?
That is the meaning.

Does that person have to "master" that area to earn your respect?
No, especially not formally-- mastering too formally makes it lose its meaning. Again, I would say the posterboy, if you don't mind me generalizing things 10 times more than we already have, would be someone like Beethoven.

And speaking of respect, what inside you (if you know) compels you to want to give respect to someone like that?
Because dedicating themself is the end-in-itself; because they see something in a way that no one else does.

Finally, if someone does master an area (like a Beethoven) is there anything others can gain from it? Is that even important?
Yes-- it makes other people see something in a new way.
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