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This conversation has gotten interesting, if a bit odd, and I'm going to butt in with a couple of questions. Feel free to tell me to shove off if you don't want outside interruptions

First, I wonder if I'm right in that you both think value to others is in some way the measure of a person's worth? Whether it be as a cog in the wheel of society, or a fresh vision for others to share, you both seem to imply that what others gain from a person is the only way to determine a worthwhile life.

Second, specifically for Ellis, do you think that how people view the world is the biggest hinderence to having more visionary-type people like Beethoven? I would think that his kind of vision only comes with having a particular genius, as he did; whatever I may think, however I look at the world, without an unusual talent, without something inherent in me that is beyond the vast majority of people, can I really affect the world in the same way? Hard work and focus can do a lot, but that ingrained ability is, in my mind, what separates the great artists, or scientists, or leaders from the norm. My point, I guess, is that it seems you respect people not for what they do, but what they are born with, to an extent.
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