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Ok first off, Doug Flutie was nearing 40, that is why he got sent to the bench. Tell me Travis, if you could choose between a near-40 year old guy who seems to be towards the end of his career and a young guy with good potential, who would you take?

And second, when are you going to realize that not every great quarterback wins a Super Bowl. Now obviously it comes into play when grading a quarterback, but not everyone has the chance to do it (Peyton Manning, Jeff Garcia, Chad Pennington, Aaron Brooks-all good quarterbacks). Sometimes good players are on bad teams. Like Flutie in SD. No, he wasn't a spectacular player before he got there, and he wasn't amazing during his tenure as the starter. But he did a decent job, and he improved that team. If you notice, the Chargers' record improved during the short Flutie era. Stop getting so hell bent on Super Bowls and learn to appreciate the talent the NFL has to offer, regardless of the players team win-loss record.
Good pitching beats good hitting any day of the week.
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