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I would like to see some things done:
1. Keep Kobe, Kobe and Shaq are still the most powerful two hit punch in the league.
2. Phil needs to step back and possibly be an asst. coach on the Lakers. (ofcourse that wouldnt happen)
3. Trade Brian Cook, Sampson for someone decent.
4. Pick up Nash and Kanyon Martin, do what it takes to get them.
5. Build Slava to be a good guy to come off the bench. He has a shot he needs confidence in it, and some D
6. Work Rush into the starting Five.
7. Build Luke Walton, he could be like a wally serbs if you just work with him more.
8. Get Shaq to lose 25 pounds, leaner and meaner means Title back.
9. Hire Horace Grant on the coaching staff, why,he has been there all season anyway.
10. Lastly trade George too, he was awful in the postseason, in fact he was worst than Peja in a game seven.
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