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As I always suspected Kobe opting out is only a way of him trying to garner more control of this franchise. He wanted Phillip out and he is about to get that and maybe Shaq is next.

The final year of his contract is worth $14,625,000.

If he signs a max deal with the Lakers there is a good chance that his first year salary will fall into the 13mil to 13.5mil range if the salary cap stays near it's current level. No other team probably will be able to give him that much.

So we know now FOR SURE that it is not a money issue and we know he wants to see who will give him what he wants as far as a team of his own with title aspirations. The question is how far will he go as far as pressuring the Lakers to make concessions to him. They had better be careful about how they handle this because Kobe may sell tickets but Shaq hangs banners
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