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Thanks for the info. Like I said, it looks bad for this season. My problem with getting La. Tech is that it's like going out of your way to get a marginal team. PSU should have no trouble lining up Big East, Conf. USA, and MAC opponents due to their geographic location and the fact the Big East will be playing 5 non-conf games a season. My point is play UConn if you can't find someone else.

The Bama home and home is a fine job. I don't have a problem with doing a home and home with Cuse either. It has only been in the last couple years that they've gotten really bad. Historically speaking, even an average Syracuse squad is a tough foe in the dome. Hopefully they get to average by the time they play PSU...or better yet OSU... which is next year.

Central Florida is a nice addition if their program continues to improve. I assume that one game will be in Happy Valley.

I forgot that Temple intends to join the MAC. I guess that would be ok if it happens, as long as the rumors don't start flying again about going down to I-AA. Getting kicked outta the Big East was bad enough. Again, playing YSU and Akron is just so damn ugly to look at... esp. if they lose to ND.


Good to hear that Georgia is probably going to Boulder. Like I said, I gotta research those other squads. I know Tennessee will be going out to Cal so that's fine. The Vols tend to be the bravest SEC team when it comes to non-conf opponents and willingness to travel.

I was just thinkin' about that Arkansas-USC game. It's early in the year. It's in Dixie. The Razorbacks played everyone tough down the stretch and have a ton of starters back. Then again, they lost by 50some points in L.A. last year...LOL. Plus the new QB sensation. I'm not saying upset, but I wouldn't be shocked to see that game within 17 or 14 points in favor of the Trojans.

This thread wasn't an attempt to start an argument Mike. I've noted the better non-conf schedule that the SEC has this year. I just hope that more of them would be on the road, that's all. The disparity in rankings at the end of the year between the human polls and the computers (which factor SOS) between the Big Ten and SEC was the greatest I can ever recall in the history of the BCS. USA Today ran several articles on this fact. The humans love the SEC while the computers love the Big Ten (due to their strong SOS). If the SEC closes the gap in SOS even a little, I fear the Big Ten will get screwed in the overall BCS...that's all. Just something to watch. Of course, we gotta actually play games and see what happens.

And still give credit to Vandy. They had a decent year in 05 and now are playing in Ann Arbor. Just for that Mike, I won't make fun of 'em all year long. And neither should you...LOL.

I think I'll start crunchin' the Big 12 and Pac 10 next. Anyone notice yet that the Pac 10 is playing everyone in conference and only 3 non-conf foes this year? Interesting.
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