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Originally Posted by Richard the Lionheart View Post
I know your post is tongue-in-cheek, but since I'm not sure to what extent, I'll just just ask a question. Wouldn't you say there is an enormous difference between not creating life, "killing potential life" as you call it, which is really a neutral act, and actually destroying existent life (if that is what you consider it to be), a negative act?

As to your second point, those are good questions for a man to think over for himself underneath the stars, but what laws, if any, could survive that kind of a philosophical grilling? Almost certainly none. You can't build any kind of society that way. That is why philosophy is always in direct conflict with the state.
I don't see it as a neutral act because either way you are denying life. The only difference is that there are no gory pictures for one and there are gory pictures for the other.

A society could survive like that and would be much better because people wouldn't need to be lead.
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