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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Specifically, I can only speak for myself when I say I don't resent rich people. Your post just smacked of this jealous/longing stereotype that people believe exist between poor and rich people...that's all.
Okay, I'm glad you don't.

Especially in America, nobody should resent anyone doing financially
better than them, because we do (or at least we still do), have a
fluid system whereby people are able to move from one economic class
to another. Back in the mid-90's, when I was working as a temp for
IBM, and living in a dumpy apartment on the north side of Milwaukee,
I never imagined that 15-years later I'd own a home in California, draw
in a (just over) six-figure income between my wife and I, and, if all
goes well, retire a millionaire (counting my house, and my retirement
account). My brother went from being unemployed and dirt-poor, to
being the owner of a million-dollar business through hard work and
taking major risks.

What I'm referring to is the common Democratic/liberal campaign
strategy that tells low-income people that they cannot survive without
the government carrying them, and that everything will be paid for
by "taxing the rich". Moreover, it is commonly portrayed that anyone
who is "rich", and doesn't support them, is only doing so because they
are "greedy" and because they only care about "big business".

Maybe you see things differently than I do, but I certainly believe that
the Democrat/liberal strategy depends on large numbers of people
buying into this characterization of the "rich".
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