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Especially in America, nobody should resent anyone doing financially
better than them, because we do (or at least we still do), have a
fluid system whereby people are able to move from one economic class
to another.

I would disagree that the system is as fluid as you PROBABLY think (cuz I don't know) but the fluidity of the system isn't my main problem with capitalism. The fact that one exists for no moral/logical reason bothers me.

What I'm referring to is the common Democratic/liberal campaign
strategy that tells low-income people that they cannot survive without
the government carrying them, and that everything will be paid for
by "taxing the rich". Moreover, it is commonly portrayed that anyone
who is "rich", and doesn't support them, is only doing so because they
are "greedy" and because they only care about "big business".

I have a problem with the whole mainstream process so this is of little concern to me. The mainstream Democratic Party is also in the pocket of mainstream media/Hollywood which promotes destructive immoral agendas...IMO of course. I don't understand the desire to be rich, get rich or make money.

I deal with rich people as best I can but don't understand their world. I don't value money or their values so there is frustration. Unfortunately, I must live and deal with them even to the point so I can do my job and exercise my morals. My only beef is the classism that exists in this nation and my view that the rich don't want to break down those walls.
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