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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
I would disagree that the system is as fluid as you PROBABLY think (cuz I don't know) but the fluidity of the system isn't my main problem with capitalism. The fact that one exists for no moral/logical reason bothers me.
I concede that the system is not so fluid that any person at any level can
just, at will, move up to a higher income class. However, I contend that
our system is a lot more fluid than people give it credit for. For one
thing, we have an extensive educational system that's there for everyone.
It was my personal frustration when I taught high school, that I was often
abused and disrespected by many of the same people that would be
complaining that our country is just not giving them opportunities.

BTW...what do you mean that you are bothered that "one exists for no
moral/logical reason"? That what "exists" ?

Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
I deal with rich people as best I can but don't understand their world. I don't value money or their values so there is frustration. Unfortunately, I must live and deal with them even to the point so I can do my job and exercise my morals. My only beef is the classism that exists in this nation and my view that the rich don't want to break down those walls.
Here's another point of confusion that is too often made. There's a
difference between people who "have wealth" and people who are "snobby".
I hate snobby people, the one's who think that because they are wealthy
or rich, that they have more value than other people. I agree with you
on that. However, gaining wealth may simply mean that that person has
been duly compensated for what they have created. Michael Jordan is
filthy stinking rich because a whole lot of people were willing to
pay to see him play (including me). On a more meaningful plane, the
owner of Amgen is likely very wealthy because his company has produced
numerous life-saving meds.

It's a mistake to believe that money and wealth determine a person's
value, and a downright stupid belief at that. Still, wealth is what it is.
Provided it is not gained illegally or immorally, it is nothing more than
compensation for what that person has produced that others wanted.
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