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One wonders if Roy Williams wins the title tonight at KU, will he then see that as his mission complete, call it a Kansas career, and drive to Chapel Hill right after?

And if he loses... does he decide he doesn't want to go back the big loser again, and drive to Chapel Hill right after even faster?

Meanwhile... I'm pissed I can't watch all of this game. In fact, it'll probably end while I'm driving home, so at least I'll hear the end on the radio, but... ugh. I hate my schedule. I hate my job. At least I have one, I guess.

I think Kansas wins, but I think it'll be a great game. Two big bridesmaids-never-a-brides taking on one another...

I'll make a longer-term prediction: If Carmelo Anthony performs as well in this game or better than he did against Texas, he leapfrogs LeBron James in the NBA draft.

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