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Of the three teams you have on your list Anthony, I am leaning towards the Broncos being the biggest possible flop. One reason being that I am not quite impressed with the Broncos secondary. They let go of Denard Walker, who really was not working out for them, and they are left with Delta O'neal at corner with another corner to be announced. The Broncos picked up Lee Flowers, who is a good tackler, but will give up some pass plays. I do like Kenoy Kennedy in their secondary though, but overall their secondary is a weakness from where I see it. I do believe the Broncos can stop the run, but not too optimistic about them stopping the pass. Plummer should have better success in the Bronco system, but until we see that success, he still has to be questioned as the starting qb. If Plummer can't succeed in this system, he may never succeed anywhere in the NFL.

Now looking at the Steelers, obviously they had more than their share of secondary problems a season ago, and that has to be their major concern going into this season. I don't think the Steelers will flop though for these reasons....

Kendrell Bell was injuried a majority of the season a year ago, and when he comes back healthy this season that defense will be much better.

While Bettis is at the end of his rope, Amos Zereoue has just started to grasp his rope, and he should be fairly effective this season in the backfield for the Steelers.

The Steelers have won with what most would consider subpar quarterbacks in the past, so I think Maddox or Batch could get the job done for that team and within their division.

The Steelers have quite possibly the best receiving corps in the NFL with Ward, Burress, and Randel El. It would be hard for a qb not to be at least half way decent with those receivers.

Remember the Steelers play in a division that has one team who has been the laughing stock of the NFL, another who lost a ton of key defensive players, and another who is trying to get back on track after salary cap hell. I am not sold on the Steelers being a flop by any means. They might not win as many games, but I have a hard time seeing them dip below the 8-8 mark this upcoming season.

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