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You know, Dublin Mike, saying that your dead grandmother can throw on the Raiders' D doesn't make your late grandma all that impressive.

As a fan of the Silver and Black, last night went from respectable to catastrophic and I think it's a likely indicator of how this season will play out for them. The first half against the Pats was a very entertaining game. Then the second half started and the wheels came off. Many times I wondered, "Why can't we stopped cheating?" Well, it's b/c during the entire off-season we never did anything to improve an already poor defense. I think the Raiders had something like 3,400 penalties last night. All due to carelessness. But this is nothing new for this team. If the winner of a game were determined by penalties accumulated, the Raiders would be working on a 12-year unbeaten streak. Maybe longer. Still, they only lost by ten in the end at New England. To me, that signals there is a beat of hope ahead this season. Particularly if Norv "I looked like I needed to take a huge dump all night" Turner can instill any semblance of discipline.

The pass defense won't show up all year, guys. You all know that. This team will be winning shootouts, if anything.
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