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You don't even have him in the top 10? Dirk was being offered for Shaq back when he was first being traded!

Dirk carried that young team through the season and into the playoffs. The Mavs have never been a defensive team and thats fine with me because they still win games and playoff series. I think you should have switched Melo and Dirk on your list. Melo had a terrible season last year (and mainly because everyone was comparing him to Lebron all season again).

Other than that, I still don't see how you don't rank Nash higher than Amare? I'm just not understanding the thinking in the situation! I mean didn't the Suns only win like 2 games out of the 7 Nash missed with his injury? It's some number like that, Amare was healthy but he couldn't win those games w/o Steve Nash.
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