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Originally posted by Dublin Mike
Wow Zach, that is way too high for Dirk, imo. He is too soft and doesn't play D.

1. Timmay!
2. K.G.
3. Bryant
4. Wade
5. Kobe
6. Bron
7. Amare
8. Nash
9. J. O'Neal
10. Melo
Well, maybe Dublin Mike could find room for Dirk Nowitzki in his top ten if he didn't have Kobe Bryant ranked in the top ten twice (does he get another slot in the rankings for just his ego?)!

Steve Nash is obviously the MVP of the Phoenix Suns, but as I debated back when Nash won the league honor, the MVP certainly does not mean the best player. I think there is a legitimate arguement for Amare Stoudemire being the best player for the Phoenix Suns, and honestly I don't have either one in my top ten (although, they both would be in my top fifteen). If you are ranking the top ten best players in the league, I would have...

1.) Tim Duncan
2.) Kevin Garnett
3.) Shaquille O'Neal
4.) Tracy McGrady
5.) Kobe Bryant
6.) Allen Iverson
7.) Dirk Nowitzki
8.) LeBron James
9.) Dwyane Wade
10.) Jermaine O'Neal

But, if I broke it down and picked my First-Team All-NBA by positions, I would have...

F Tim Duncan
F Tracy McGrady
C Shaquille O'Neal
G Allen Iverson
G Kobe Bryant
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