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Default Re: Re: Amare out 4-5 months

Originally posted by Titans100
Best player on the Suns and a Top 5 player? I def don't agree with him being the best player on the Suns but I would agree with you that he is in the Top 10 in the NBA. Steve Nash, without question, is the MVP of the Suns and the reigning MVP of the entire league. He carried the team throughout the season and picked up the slack of Shawn Marion in the playoffs (Marions' play probably cost them the series against the Spurs). I don't doubt that Amare is the #2 guy in Phoenix but he can't lead the team down court and he doesn't set up every scoring play that goes on for the team. Nash gives HIM the ball and he is just dominate enough to slam it home. I believe Shaq has referred to him as Shaq JR.

This season might end up being different because the Suns took big hits losing Joe Johnson and Quentin Richardson but as the season begins (whether or not Amare is healthy), Steve Nash is the #1 guy in Phoenix.

#99, i was wondering who would be in your top 10 of the league right now. I'd like to see it since Amare is in your To 5.

1) Tracy McGrady 6) Kevin Garnett
2) Steve Nash 7) Dwayne Wade
3) Dirk Nowitzki 8) Lebron James
4) Kobe Bryant 9) Amare Stoudemire
5) Tim Duncan 10) Jermaine O'Neal / Shaq
Trust me, I watched a lot of Suns games last year and often still go back to Phoenix. The Suns' offense does sputter w/o Nash, yes, but it is absolutely toothless with Stoudemire. Nash's MVP season was pretty well deserved (though I would've voted for Shaq), but it's arguable whether his play was any better this year than a Jason Kidd or a Dwyane Wade. Hell, for most of his career, Nash was on the same level as Sam Cassell and Mike Bibby. Stoudemire, quite honestly, is the best power forward in the league, right now. Even playing undersized center, he changes the game single-handedly. You just watch how much the Suns struggle with Nash in the lineup and no Amare to rely on.

For what it's worth here's a top ten in which not only skill is factored, but dominance. So before you take issue with Shaq being 3rd, ask yourself if anyone has been more dominant in this league since Michael Jordan. You'll note that I don't have Nash in the top ten and, for what it's worth, I'd still place him behind a healthy Jason Kidd.

1. Garnett
2. Duncan
3. Shaq
4. Kobe
5. Amare
6. T-Mac
7. Wade
8. LeBron
9. A.I.
10. Dirk
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