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I hate that. I hate this Team A beat Team A, not Team B.
Well, that's not what the scoreboard says.

Pittsburgh was the superior team even though they played most of the game in some flattened emotional fog and Ben was still feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the game on the bus ride home. Had the Steelers really shown up, the final is something like 44-3 or 51-14.

The Seahawks played alright, and still only managed ten points against a team not playing its best game. (Seattle had a hand in some of that, but come on. Ben completes some of his early passes and the Steelers move the ball, game over in the early second quarter. Period.)

Somewhere (can't remember whether is was Mike & Mike or local shiesters) someone noted that Tom Rouen did the Seahawks no favors by punting into the end zone four of four times with opportunities to pin the Steelers really deep. Couldn't agree more on that. Could have really changed the way the game went. Then again, it may have had no effect. Who knows. Still, Rouen didn't do his team any favors at all.
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