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1) Tino Martinez reached 30 HR for the 3rd time and 100 RBI for the 6th time.

Martinez has actually improved lately, as his -20 RCAP are merely the 4th worst in the AL, instead him leading the league in costing his team runs.

Martinez became the 9th player to have at least 3 years with 100+ RBI and a negative RCAP, while he joins Garret Anderson as the only players in the majors who currently have 100+ RBI and a negative RCAP. But, he's not currently on the lists for the 10 worst RCAP for a 100+ RBI, 30+ HR or 100+ RBI/30+ HR season.

2) Richie Sexson reached 100 RBI for the 2nd time in his career.

Sexson, who has 3 RCAP, has a chance to join the list of players with multiple 100+ RBI, negative RCAP seasons.

3) Aramis Ramirez reached 100 RBI for the 1st time in his career.

Ramirez has 29 RCAP and is no danger of a negative season.

4) Rickey Henderson watch--Henderson scored 2 runs yesterday, to give him 2237, just 8 shy of Ty Cobb's record of 2245.

Henderson had 1 hit yesterday, to give him 2985, just 15 shy of 3000.

5) Rangers C Ivan Rodriguez had his knee surgery yesterday and the surgeon says he's optimistic that Rodriguez could be ready for spring training.

6) Diamondbacks RF Reggie Sanders missed yesterday's game, due to a strained muscle in left side. He's expected to be out of the lineup again today and hopes to be able to return on Tuesday. The team is off tomorrow.

Sanders is hitting .551 SLG, .332 OBA, .883 OPS, 6 RCAA, .542 OWP, 6.46 RC/G, 72 RC in 112 games. Starting with 1997, he's had a streak of positive RCAA in each odd year and negative in the even seasons.

7) Giants OF John Vander Wal left Friday's game, due to soreness in his left elbow, and MGR Dusty Baker says he'll be limited to pinch hitting over the next few days.

Vander Wal's hitting .453 SLG, .351 OBA, .804 OPS, 9 RCAA, .561 OWP, 72 RC in 131 games. This will be his 4th consecutive year with a positive RCAA and he has a chance at his 2nd consecutive year in double digits.

8) Cubs 1B Fred McGriff suffered a mild strain of his left hamstring yesterday and may miss 2 or 3 games.

Since the trade, McGriff's hitting .463 SLG, .381 OBA, .844 OPS, 4 RCAA, .576 OWP, 7.04 RC/G, 24 RC in 36 games.

9) Orioles 1B David Segui missed yesterday's game, sore to a sore left knee.

Segui's hitting .473 SLG, .406 OBA, .879 OPS, 20 RCAA, .673 OWP, 8.09 RC/G, 62 RC, but injuries have limited him to 82 games this season. If he maintains that RCAA, this will be his 3rd year, and 2nd consecutive season, with at least 20.

10) Braves P Tom Glavine had to leave yesterday's game, in the 6th, due to a blister. He's not expected to miss to have his next start. Meanwhile, 3B Chipper Jones had to leave yesterday's game, with a groin injury, and MGR Bobby Cox says Jones might not play today.

Glavine has a 3.66 ERA and 22 RSAA in 31 starts, to go along with a 14-7 record. This season puts Glavine past the 250 mark for career RSAA, making him the 41st pitcher to reach that level.

Jones is having another outstanding season, hitting .596 SLG, .413 OBA, 1.009 OPS, 54 RCAA, .726 OWP, 9.93 RC/G, 132 RC in 140 games. He could have his 2nd 1.000+ OPS in the past 3 years and 3rd 50+ RCAA season in the past 4.
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