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Default Best "new" rivalries...

Steve Megargee of gives us the best new rivalries in college football...

1. Louisville - West Virginia
2. Auburn - LSU
3. Texas A&M - Texas Tech
4. Florida - South Carolina
5. Kansas State - Nebraska


Texas A&M and Texas Tech have been playing every single year since 1942. How is this new?

Plus Tech has owned A&M in the series lately...winning 9 of 12.

K State - Nebraska?

They've played nearly 100 times. Just because K State has won 5 of 9 doesn't mean this is something to crow about. Nebraska has been down for quite awhile now. K State has posted 3 straight subpar years.

I like L'Ville - WVU. I think that merits mentioning.

Florida - South Carolina?

Yeah...Spurrier...we get it. SC won back in 2005 and the game was close last year. How does that mean anything with all the history and other great teams roaming around the SEC?

Ultimately it's up to the fans of these teams to decide. Far be it for me to put labels on outsiders.

Still...some of this is pretty invented if you ask me.

Anyway...what about ND-Michigan (had to get some Midwest love in here )? The two teams have been playing each other every year since only 1979. Plus they are #1 and #2 in all-time wins. What more could you ask for?

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