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To your first point, I think we are in agreement to some degree. I do feel that capitalism is necessary for out society. I feel that it works quite nicely when proper restrictions are in place. I feel the same way about socialism, which is why I think the US has done a pretty good job balancing the two. In other words, neither capitalism nor socialism are any good without the other. Capitalism without socialist policies would create a society where nearly everyone lived in poverty. Socialism without some capitalist policies would create a society of bums.

We need both.

Here's where we might differ...I try to differentiate between types
of government spending which are "necessary" and those which
"would be nice".
I don't know much about the specific issue you are addressing, but since you mention "necessary" and "would be nice..." Where does universal health care fit on that spectrum? I think it is quite necessary... and a lot more than just "would be nice..."
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