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DETMURDS has a little shameless behavior in the past

Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
My last post said nothing about Bush.

There are white members of his church.

How do you think a black republican would do running for president?

I have a feeling he'd never make it past the primary...

I'd love to see it tried, just to prove my point.

Republican attitude is - F you, it's all your fault, you're lazy.

I do, daily.

I was simply laughing at Anthony making the suggestion that environmentalism is bad...
I think Colin Powell could have done well if he ran for president,..yes, he would be a Republican.

Jerimiah Wright hates Israel,...he is a racist. He also comments, and complains about "white folk". Do you know who he is CKF?

ALSO,....CKF, you said this: "Once people see Obama next to McCain, the lead will rise to a double-digit lead."

What a joke! A child the other day asked him why he (Obama) wanted to become President and he stuttered and bumbled like an idiot. He can't answer a question CKF! He has turned down every invitation to "town hall" that McCain has offered. I can't wait for a debate to happen, because Obama won't have it scripted out for him like every time any of us has seen him speaking in front of large crowds. Also, it is only August and all the dirt that has come out on Obama is pathetic. HE IS HIS OWN DOWNFALL. He is not running against McCain, he is running against himself,..and he is still losing!

And why does Obama complain, and worry about Sean Hannity? Does he not appreciate Freedom of the Press? Does he not appreciate the American way? Hell, his fool wife just recently got proud to be an American,...what a dingbat!

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