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Default If Florida beats Bama, BUT...

Fact 3 is Something We've All Been Slowly Realizing: If Florida beats Alabama, it's possible that the Gators will not pass Texas in the BCS. I posted about it last week, a few people have brought it up in the comments and 54b wrote a FanPost about it. Florida is way behind in the computers. A win over Alabama will certainly help, but who knows how much. If Florida and OU split the #1 human vote (so that each is effectively ranked 1.5, while Texas is ranked a solid number 3 (or a little bit higher by some who still have Texas above OU on their ballots)), then it's possible that Texas will retain enough of a computer advantage to lead Florida in the BCS. It's unlikely because I think Florida will make up enough ground in the computers to take the BCS lead, but it's not a given that Florida will be above Texas even if it beats Alabama.

This does come from a Texas blog, so, it might mean nothing. Still, given where Florida is at in the BCS and computers right now, it's something worth a look. Highly unlikely, but would be one of the more hilarious BCS scenario's thus far, especially because it involves the SEC.

I don't think I would mind seeing Texas v. Oklahoma v. 2. Compare this to Michigan/OSU from a couple of years ago, that game was the last one of the season for both teams, so it would be hard to make the argument that the loser of the contest would be a different team in a Bowl game. With Oklahoma passing Texas to play the Title game, it creates a much different situation.
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