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Default Ghosts/Scary Tales...

Post 'em if ya got 'em

The Attic Walker - Not a terribly elaborate one but true and scary nonetheless. One day after work (age 16?) I took a nap and awoke to footsteps in the attic...along with voices. Not surprising though, big family and happened from time to time. Got up to go to the bathroom and looked over at the attic door.


Went down the stairs and nobody even home.


Top Hat Man - Buddy of mine growing up always had a reoccuring dream where an old man with long fingernails and a top hat would be standing over his bed. I was the only one he told about it. One night me and my girlfriend crashed at his house. She slept in the spare bedroom that used to be my buddy's room (where he had the dreams) The next morning me and him are in the kitchen just talking and my girlfriend comes down the steps. Asked her how she slept and she said fine aside from the fact that she had a dream where an old man in a top hat with long fingernails was standing over her.

You wanna talk about a heart dropping to your stomach...

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