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DETMURDS has a little shameless behavior in the past

Of course, if still a choice I am voting for Ron Paul! Romney,...he is just another McCain, or Bush to be honest. Not that Bush or McCain was/is worse than Obama, but why vote for the same thing every time? My point is that Obama is running with the "movement" while those like Romney, or McCain are/is walking,....but with that very same movement.

Stop watching CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and all that other crap,...the truth is elsewhere, is in what they really say. Please, listen to what they, the candidates are REALLY saying, research their history, and disregard the media and their false predictions and opinions are as well.

Example here: how really is it that Ron Paul's foreign policy is wacky according to the media?....But truth has it that his policy is about keeping with the Constitution, and every American's right to freedom and liberty.

Does anyone really know about the NDAA law that recently passed? If not,...I can only say,....."see you all at Gitmo!"

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