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DETMURDS has a little shameless behavior in the past

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
And like many Social Darwinists, Ron Paul is also a first-class racist:

Paul is utterly reprehensible. If someone put a bullet through his thick skull, I would dance in the streets for 40 days on end. And I'd make it 80 if they also offed his equally disgusting son, who was named after one of dad's special heroes - Ayn Rand, whom Noam Chomsky accurately characterized as one of the most evil minds of the 20th century when she - thank G-d! - kicked the bucket (I'll have to re-read Dante to figure out what circle of Hell she now resides in).
This is a false claim, most who believe it are more wacky than the wackiness they claim Ron Paul to be. NPR? Get real!

Face it,..the media does not want Paul to win because he is the ONLY one who wants to stay in keeping with the Constitution. Watch the news and see for yourself. How does a guy finish second in a primary and they continue to just talk about Newt?
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