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Arrow Playoff Re-Draft help

Hey fellas. So my team didnt make it into the playoffs (my league is weird and we have our first week of playoffs next week so we redraft) but my buddy hates the whole redrafting thing and he thinks I know my stuff so he is trusting me to pick him a good team for some money. Here is what I was thinking so please let me know and hopefully a discussion or something.

Ideal situation:
Round 1) Peyton Manning
Round 2) Demaryius Thomas
Round 3) TY Hilton
Round 4) Donald Brown
Round 5) Julius Thomas
Round 6) Lagarrette Blount
Round 7) 49ers D
Round 8) Steven Hauschka
Round 9) Michael Crabtree

Does this look realistic? I think those people are ideal people to go for and the people in the playoffs dont realy know a whole lot or dont follow up like I do so I think I can steal some of the people late like this. Thanks
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