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Originally Posted by bama4256 View Post
Mine would be Tennessee in the Smokie Mountains. The air, the Bears, the Green trees and flowers are wonderful. I love it when it snows too. The winding roads up the hill. I like the rest areas. And I love eating in the different restaurants that serve Country Ham and Redeye gravy.:thumbup: Also great country stores.
grew up in Kansas City and have lived here my whole life.I always got called a traiter my whole life by my friends when I was little cause I always rooted for the LA Rams.My friends would say to me back then-Oh come on,how can you not root for the chiefs,you got to root for your home team? and I would say-screw that,I don't like the chiefs I like the Rams.I am going to root for the Rams. I love the royals but I have never like the chiefs other than when Montana was here.

I always loved the Rams while growing up cause they had the coolest looking uniforms and more importantly,they were in California which is my favorite state so since I did not like the Chiefs at all I always watched the Rams games.It was a thrill for me when they came to Kansas City in 1986 to play them.I will never forget that day seeing my team that I loved in real life for the first time.

That was why I have rooted against the Rams ever since the left LA.after they left I became a chargers fan since they also are in California and have the same color of uniforms.

California is my favorite state and that's because they got every climate can go to part of the country and surf the ocean and be warm all day long yet go to another part of it and ski in the you got the mountains as well.That itself is pretty amazing.

Arizona has that as well where its hot in most of the state but you can go to another part of that state and there is snow only difference is California has the snow,and the nice weather AND an ocean where Arizona doesn't have an ocean to go to.

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