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Of course they do! If they didn't want to hurt them they wouldn't take them out. Scott Stevens is a dirty player, meaning his intention is to take out the best player, Legal hit or not that's his intention. The only stupid thing is Domi's hit on Nidermyer (sp?) during the Leafs Vs. Devils series with 7 seconds left, and they were already down two goals, and he clubs him across the face with the stick, That should NOT happen.

I think Clemens ment to hit Piazza, Clemens has always had a temper, I forget but remember when he threw the bat at some guy, Clemens after he hit Piazza was ready himself to fight him back. Hitting the batter is a low thing to do, but it happens. Some pitchers really do aim for the batter, and I think its wrong. A 98mph fastball just might kill some guy one day, And for what? A game?!

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