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Dave, your mention of the fact that neither "New York" football team actually plays in New York State brings up an awesome story: While Mario Cuomo was governor of New York, he openly identified himself as a Buffalo Bills fan on the grounds that the Bills were "New York State's Only Team" (it was just about the only stand he took on anything that I ever agreed with!).

And if this new stadium does feature a retractable roof, the playing surface will still be natural grass, as is the case with Houston; and personally, I say it's a brilliant move, strategically speaking, because when the Jets go on the road and play in a dome they won't be at a competitive disadvantage, and neither will they be when they play outdoors on the road (assuming they keep the roof open for about half of their home games and close it for the other half).

About a dozen years ago, in Philadelphia they briefly toyed with the idea of having the Eagles split their home games between the Vet (artificial turf) and John F. Kennedy Stadium across the street, which would have had its Astroturf torn up and replaced by natural grass; then the plan was to have any Eagle opponent that played its home games on artificial turf (e.g., Dallas) play at JFK while having grass teams (such as Washington) play at the Vet; but the city, which owned JFK Stadium, refused to pay for the renovations (which would have included the installation of luxury boxes and other additional seating as well as the change in the playing surface) and the plan was scuttled. Wish they would have gone ahead with it - it would have been interesting!
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