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Wow, I recall that story Anthony about the Eagles, but would have forgotten it for life if you didn't bring it up. I remeber thinking the same thing, " interesting". I like weird stuff like that, makes for good folklore years to come.

Yeah, it would be nice if the Giants and the Jets actually played in New York. Too many teams play far away from the actual city they are suppossed to represent. Maybe one of you guys know this...which team, currently or in the past, has played their home games in a place farthest away from their home city? The Lions come to mind when they used to play in Pontiac, but the one team I think of most is the Cavaliers in the NBA. They used to play in Richfield Ohio and I remember going to games there and just thinking, man this is far from Cleveland. It's actually closer to Akron then Cleveland. Should have been called Akron Cavaliers. Oh well, any examples you guys remember ?
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