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Just for the record my team, Duke, plays in the ACC which I said was 4th. You can determine what conference is better by watching the games thru the season in all the conferences if you know what basketball is about. What happens if the Big 12 goes inti the tourny this year and their top teams Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, OSU all get bumped out early by cinderellas? An unlikly scenario but it's happened before. Would this make the Big12 a "weaker" conference by this happening? Would, by this logic, the Big 10 or ACC be ranked higher if they had a few teams that don't fall victim to Early Exits? I don't think you can determine a conference strength by a single tournament because there are far to many upsets in the Big Dance. You must factor in the entire season which is what people have done in this thread. Yes minds might change after the tourny, but they did during the season as well.
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