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Personally, I don't hold much credence to the thought that whatever conference has the best record in the tournament IS the best conference, or any thought along those lines. This isn't football, where each conference's entry in a bowl game has one shot to prove itself. You can make a good case for bowl games records proving who's conference is best (and even that is becoming less of a factor as parity in college football has just about made the difffences between the six major BCS conferences nil). But in the tournament, it's all skewed because a lot of teams play more than one game in the NCAA tourney, and if one of your conference's teams wins it all, there's a 6 and 0 added to the "conference" record. That doesn't mean the ACC was the best conference because Maryland won it all last year. Plus there's too many Podunk States and East Central Western Directional schools in the first round, usually gimmes for the schools that play them(there is the occasional upset though). Then you'd have to factor in the RPI of who's playing who before you decided who has the best conference. Doesn't matter to me if the Big East is 8-0 or any other conference is after the first and second round..
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